Which Jewels to Wear the Day of My Wedding?

The best day of your life is looming and preparations are well underway. The engagement ring shines your ring, alliances are chosen wisely patient gown in your wardrobe to privacy, the decoration is in progress, the menu tested and validated, the makeup and hair tests registered in your diary … Everything is under control or almost, the details, they are still in standby! And yet, you know, for such a unique day, every detail is important. Once found the ideal dress to say yes, we would tend to forget a detail that will make all the difference: the jewels you wear the day of your wedding. Play on your jewelry for a wedding dress that looks like you. But then, what jewels to wear the day of my wedding?

When talking about jewelry and wedding, we often think engagement ring and wedding rings, but you also need jewelry to accessorize your wedding dress. Essential, they will bring the touch of radiance, elegance and femininity.


The elegant and feminine jewelry, like a touch of sparkle and light. Jewelry that you will not get tired of, those that you can appreciate at their true value forever! It is always risk to give in to the latest trend in vogue for the day of your wedding, you may regret it. You should rather choose jewelry from Midwest Jewellery that looks like you first and foremost. So, unless you’re sure of yourself, do not fall for mismatched earrings on a whim! The jewels should be chosen like all the other elements of your wedding: in a thoughtful way.


Between the necklace, the earrings and the bracelets, you have to make a choice. Opt for complete adornment lacks a little subtlety and you risk being too busy! The key is to highlight your face and your wedding dress without overloading your look. Also avoid wearing two bridal jewelry side by side. If you opt for pretty earrings, avoid the necklace. These will in any case put your leading port in value. If you choose a bridal headband or a tiara, then forget the awesome earrings. The key word to remember: subtlety!


The golden rule: do not wear anything other than your engagement ring and your future alliance that will accompany it. It’s still the day you pass the ring on your finger, do not forget it! For your wedding, it is essential to play the card of simplicity, leave your bare hands to highlight only your two rings in the left ring finger.


The choice of your jewelry really depends on the wedding dress you intend to wear, as well as the accessories you have chosen. Will you wear a veil or not? Did you choose a strapless dress or a V-neck dress?

◊   To be sure of not being mistaken bet on diamond earrings: minimalist, chic and timeless, they will be the touch of essential brilliance on D-Day.

◊   If you want to wear a necklace, forget the earrings and vice versa so as not to load your pace.

◊ finally, for the bracelet, choose the very fine gold, silver or pearl chains. Forget big headlines unless you wear one with your right hand and do not wear a collar.

◊   It’s all about finding the right balance for your bridal accessories. The equation is simple: if your dress is embellished with pearls and / or lace, for example, opt for jewelry with a simple and clean design, an elegant sobriety. If, on the contrary, your dress is very refined, you can dare to contrast with the jewels of character to revitalize your dress.

Note that if you have planned a bohemian wedding dress for example, you can play the bohemian accessories card: necklace or feather earrings for example. It will always balance your pace.


◊   For a strapless wedding dress, that is to say on a straight neck, all the jewels are allowed! Round necklace, pointed, choker … It is the simplest form of wedding dress to accessorize.

◊   For an American neckline, the dangling earrings are to be preferred. They give the pace, underline your wearing of head and sublimate the shoulders. Another option is the hair jewel for an elegant bridal bun. The dress being present at the neck, no collar!

◊   for a “heart” neck, the pointed collar is ideal to emphasize your femininity without breaking the neckline.

◊   For a V neckline or a romantic wrap dress: a necklace with a beautiful pearl or diamond pendant that will perfectly fit the curves of your neckline.

◊   for an ultra-glamorous “Bardot” neckline, opt for dangling earrings or a choker necklace to choose from, the dress will do the rest.

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