Various Good and Bad Effects of the Pearls

Various Good and Bad Effects of the Pearls

Pearl as we all know is very unique and beautiful too. They are found in the ocean bed and need no special type of cutting or process to shine through. During wedding ceremony many mothers prefer to give the bride pearl jewellery. However, people interpret pearl for many different meanings, particularly in a wedding.

We will try to use this website to list out various good and few not so good effects of pearls during weddings in various cultures.

The good effects

Pearl jewelleries are worn by the brides during wedding days in many parts of the world and mostly people consider it as a symbol of happy marriage. Pearls are used in earrings, pendants, bracelets and also in traditional necklaces.

Pearls were highly respected in many different cultures even during ancient times. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • In Egypt, Cleopatra dissolved one pearl in a wine and told her lover Marc Anthony that she could consume the wealth of the whole country.
  • During ancient times in Rome, pearl was considered as symbol of richness and wealth.
  • Pearls were believed to bring about harmonious marriage in ancient Greeks.
  • Pearls during dark ages were believed to have magical power which could protect soldiers in the battlefield.
  • In the European countries, pearls on the wedding day were considered noble.

Eastern cultures also consider pearls as a symbol of transformation, purity, honesty and dignity. White pearls display innocence and honesty, black or gold pearls display wealth and riches and pink pearls represent love and affection.

The bad effects

Not every culture however looks at pearl as a blessing. As per Mexican, Philippian and Italian cultures, people believe that pearl brings sadness during wedding, as pearls are considered as symbol of tears.

Even engagement rings which include pearls will be looked at as a symbol of bad luck as they often have tear shape. During wedding day, brides are warned to avoid wearing pearls on the wedding day.

Pearls remain the same however it is up to the bride or groom to consider whether to wear pearl jewellery or not. If you are not too sure then you can ask your elders and know about their opinion.

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