Choose the ideal product type for your online store

Choose the ideal product type for your online store

It’s very fashionable to talk about content creation marketing. You can combine different initiatives through a blog to integrate it with the website in order to talk to potential clients about topics that may be of interest to you. Spirited Away  As, for example, give advice to make a safe purchase, or on topics related to relationships and even tourism. Of course, a clarification: the fact that the other channels have not given the same results, does not imply that the same thing happens to you. Not all businesses have the same behavior, so I recommend you try several channels until you find the right one. Visit our website to give best result


  • In essence, if you do not sell, you do not generate income. And going to the market supposes just that: to sell.
  • When you have an online store, the most important indicator you should measure is called the conversion rate .
  • The conversion rate is measured by dividing the number of sales by the number of visits the portal has in a given period.

What to do with failed sales?

There is something that works, and very well: when the staff is not giving service to the client, they can take care of contacting those who did not make a purchase to see what happened.

Sometimes it happens that the client was starting the purchase, he was distracted by something else and did not close the operation because … He simply forgot.

That is why this simple call or message is an example of a proactive way of recovering sales.

Delivery of value

  • In this step, the user has already placed all their trust in your portal and has decided that yours is the best offer.
  • Now it is your duty to fulfill your promise of value and that the client is satisfied.
  • One of the things that have personally helped me the most is to have customer service staffs who is concerned that the deliveries are made as each customer expects.
  • In this section everything is important, from the integrity of the product and the way it is wrapped (the gifts in our case), to the form and the moment in which it is delivered.
  • In that simple description that I offer you, there are four detailed elements. If one of these fails you have a problem, and the magnitude of the problem depends on the type of client.
  • If it is reasonable and you understand that the delivery was delayed or lost due to an error by the logistics company and is willing to wait a little longer, you have a small inconvenience … It is better to solve it as soon as possible.

  • If it is the opposite case, and you do not fulfill the promise of value and delivery to someone more demanding, surely you will have a headache.

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