Heart Necklace Is A String Of Love

Heart Necklace Is A String Of Love

A necklace can be a simple gold or silver chain which you wear around your neck. There can be a pendant, gems or beads dangling from the chain to make it more attractive and fanciful. The word necklace derives from the French word “laz” meaning string or cord. Necklace dates back to Stone Age but in the crudest form made from natural elements like vine and animal tissue. With human civilization, it transformed into an artistic, elegant yet simple form of jewelry. It started to denote wealth, status and sometimes magical power. The early Egyptians both men and women decorated themselves with the necklace and other ornaments to exhibit their social status. Pearl necklace had a special status in ancient Rome. Precious gems such as amber, coral, pearl or coin were used as pendent to give more value and safeguarded as asserts.In every major religion Hinduism, Christianity or Islam necklace such as mala or rosary is an integral part for chanting mantras, prayers or another spiritual ceremony.

Celebrate your love

Choosing a perfect gift for your perfect partner can be daunting. You want to gift your heart away to your girlfriend heart necklace girlfriend is a perfect way to do so. The necklace will glitter and decorate your girlfriend`s slender neck and make her more beautiful to the eyes of the beholder. As long as you know your loved one’s choice in metal be it gold, silver or platinum it becomes easy to choose the form.

Meaning of true love

Heart necklace girlfriend comes with a heartfelt message that shows your emotion and intentions to her. Love is the strongest emotion on earth and heart symbolize that eternal love. In modern society heart shape which symbolizes love originated from a plant called silphium, used to grow on North African coastline of Cyrene. The Romans and Greeks used it as spice and medicine for its medical properties. The seed of this plant resembles the shape of the human heart. A heart shape pendant dangling on the chain is an excellent gift for your girlfriend as if you are wearing your heart on your sleeve. A delicate, elegant heart necklace softly murmur “I love you” to your girlfriend’s ear. One advantage is you do not have to know the size like rings, which maintains the element of surprise when you gift it to your loved one. Heart necklace has been favorite through all time and will remain so still the human heart throbs with love.

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