How To Make A Statement With Your Jewellery

How To Make A Statement With Your Jewellery

The market is swamped with “European style” charm bracelets, both real and imitation, but are these just for the younger woman? Does the more mature woman want to wear these?

Anytime these appear on eBay, it is always the real pieces that get lots of bids and sell for a really good price whereas the imitation ones usually don’t. Why? Why would people want to spend a lot of money on something (that is made in the Far East) when they could spend a tenth of the amount on something that is also made in the Far East and looks almost exactly the same? Is it snob value? Is it “keeping up with the Jones’s”?

Young women want these real pieces – they would rather pay far more money and get the authentic, branded, trademarked piece, rather than pay less and get an imitation, even though the imitation often looks just like the real thing.

Although we are not condoning the selling of fake branded goods, this can be likened to “Nike Trainers Syndrome”. Young kids – teenagers to early 20’s – NEED to have the £100 pair of trainers. Why? Because it’s what their friends have, or what their friends want. They want to have the designer trainers to show off or to show that they “belong”, they want to be accepted and admired by their peers. They don’t yet have the confidence to make their own “statement”.

However, when you get to your 30’s and beyond, you realise that the £50, or even a £30, pair of trainers can be equally as good, equally as comfortable, do same the job and cost a fraction of the price of the “designer” ones. With maturity comes confidence, self assurance, a better sense of who you are and the knowledge that you don’t have to conform and follow the crowd.

It is surely the same when it comes to jewellery. Yes, these European style bracelets, necklaces and charms can be partially modified by the wearer by selecting which beads and charms you are going to have but, at the end of the day, they all look more or less the same, you can spot them a mile off and they generally get the reaction: “Oh, you have got one of those bracelets as well”. The wearer then has to tell you whether it is real or fake because, at first glance or from a distance, nobody can actually tell the difference! What is the point?

Do people see the “real thing” as an investment? Investment? Any piece made from a precious metal can be seen as an investment but, sometimes, the greatest part of the value is in the “brand” and when that brand falls out of fashion the value/price will probably fall as well.

When buying jewellery – either buy for the investment value (ie. precious metals, diamonds and gemstones) or buy for yourself… buy something that makes you feel special, a piece that means something to you, perhaps a one off piece that nobody else will have. More mature people can express their own individuality through jewellery, buying pieces that they have an affinity to, or which goes particularly well with that outfit for that special occasion, or which says something about their own lifestyle and who they are.

A one-off piece of jewellery is a talking point, people will notice it and ask you about it and you can tell them about it, safe in the knowledge that they will not be able to copy you.

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