Fashion: Women’s Winter Trends

Fashion: Women’s Winter Trends

It is winter again, and while many people despair of the cold, others rejoice because a new season means a new wardrobe, and nothing feels better than a wardrobe full of new clothes, but what can you expect to see by way of women’s fashion this season? Here we will consider some upcoming trends for our winter wardrobes.


Loose Knit
Expect to see many oversized, loose knit jumpers this season. A firm favourite with the fashionista, these are adorable and look fantastic. They will come in a wide variety of styles, including cardigan, hooded, long, short, loose, and fitted – given this huge variety, these jumpers will suit many different styles of clothing: skinny jeans, skirts, dresses – you name it, they will look great together.

They come in a huge variety of materials, from the finest lamb’s wool to luxurious cashmere. Colours are in abundance, literally, every colour of the rainbow will be available for purchase. However, we definitely prefer the natural colours.

Remember though, the larger the knit, the more airy the top, in winter, then, it is important to layer a large knit jumper with warm clothing. When layering make sure the under shirt is well fitted, or you will appear bulky and this will give the impression that you are larger than you are, something most women seek to avoid!

Faux Fur
A huge fashion trend this season, the faux fur top – in animal print, or plain fur, these are everywhere at the moment and wonderfully fashionable. The vest/jacket is particularly popular.

Leggings are here to stay for another season, this year there is a huge focus on the perfect fit. When choosing a pair of leggings opt for a thick material with little stretch, making sure that there is no gathering effect around the ankles or knees.

Over the knee boots
Over-the-knee boots are set to be a massive trend in women’s fashion this winter. Because this style of boot has been associated with ‘racy women’, many women fear wearing this design of footwear. However, this season, the intention is to wear them with leggings or skinny jeans, and not reveal any flesh – in this way, over the knee boots convey a level of sophistication and class that was never theirs in the past.

Embellished ankle boots
An almost complete contrast to the over-the-knee-boots, ankle boots are hot in women’s fashion circles this winter, particularly when they are sporting various embellishments. Lace-up boots are a firm favourite, as is bold stitching.

Although always in style, gold and silver are a firm fashion trend this year. With necklaces, opt for the long, pendant style of jewellery, while bangle bracelets and oversized looped earrings are hot, hot, hot.

When accessorising, ensure that you do so in an original manner, this way, even if you are wearing all the fashionable clothes of the season, you can still make your outfit your own.

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