Celebrity Art of the Past

Celebrity Art of the Past

Celebrities have always been a popular source of inspiration for members of the public. We look at these people who have gained notoriety in our culture and we feel inspired by them for many reasons. They can make us want to live better lives or to pursue our dreams. They can talk to us about the important issues which our world is facing and inspire us to take action about them. They play such an important role in most of our lives without us even realizing it most of the time. It is not surprising at all, therefore, that we often will make certain pieces of art about these celebrities.

What a lot of people don’t stop to consider, however, is the fact that it has always been this way. People have always felt a kinship with the celebrities of their day and use the inspiration that those celebrities give them to make works of art. Some of these works of art have turned into iconic pieces of pop culture. Andy Warhol was one artist in particular who was greatly inspired by different celebrities and fashioned great works of art around them. His Marilyn Diptych took an iconic image of Marilyn Monroe and made a statement about how the public viewed her with that image. He also made a famous work of Jackie Onassis Kennedy that has also reached an iconic status with today’s world.

Artists have always felt a connection with those people who stand in front of everyone else and show themselves to the world. These people are exposing themselves to the public, leaving almost nothing private, allowing themselves to be discussed and dissected, all for the good of the people. Politicians allow their entire lives to be placed under a close scrutiny so that we can judge whether they are the best choices to lead our country and shape our laws.

This may be one reason why politicians are popular for different works of art throughout history. The Presidents have always had their portraits painted, it is usually commissioned during their time in office. Just because this is a long standing tradition, however, it doesn’t mean that it is not a form of celebrity art in itself. Whether a commissioned portrait or an artist painting a portrait of a President on their own, it is still a work of celebrity art which shows the kinship that people from all periods of time have with the public figures of their day.

It is much more rare, of course, to find pieces of autographed art the further you go back in time. While many artists would sign their name to their work to indicate ownership of the painting, the idea of autographs to make items collectible was not always a common one. It is even more rare to find autographs by the celebrities on pieces of art about them. Photographs were not as prevalent the farther in the past that one goes and since this is the most common form of autographed art about a celebrity, one would naturally have a much more difficult time finding these pieces.

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